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Our company was established in 2011 and is the official service representative in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

- Turkish factory "Altuntop" (bakery and confectionery equipment);

- Turkish factory "Tek-San" (bakery and confectionery equipment);

- Italian factory "Dell'oro" (bakery and confectionery equipment)

- Turkish factory "Dalgakiran" (compressor equipment).

The company is authorized to carry out: qualified equipment selection, repair work, ensuring warranty obligations of manufacturers, warranty and post-warranty service of equipment, providing consumables and spare parts, training of customer service personnel, as well as assisting the promotion of these plants in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the assortment . and at the prices of manufacturers.

Our company’s specialists can provide advice on all issues related to the need to provide you with the necessary equipment, as well as due to qualified engineering staff trained at the manufacturer and the relevant certificates that are entitled to work and service. ,

The main priorities of our company are reliability and professionalism of employees, honesty and interaction with customers.




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Bakery Equipment
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Equipment input in operation

The LLC AIS TECNO GROUP company is the official representative of leading manufacturers of food processing equipment and is authorized to carry out balancing and commissioning, service, warranty and after-guarantee service with service personnel training, and also to realize production in the range.

Reliable and fast start of your equipment in operation - not simply part of a complex of the services offered by the Service center LLC AIS TECNO GROUP. Professional commissioning will allow to avoid to you refusal of work of the equipment as a result of mistakes at installation, connection and control.

Even provided that you acquire the most qualitative equipment in the world, it can not meet your expectations if you have no confidence that it is established and started correctly. Professional commissioning will help you to preserve time and money which will be inevitably spent as a result of the mistakes allowed at nonprofessional start. Professional input of the equipment in operation, will provide maximum efficiency of this equipment.

From the date of equipment input in operation by forces of the Service center LLC AIS TECNO GROUP, the guarantee period is determined.

Procedure of commissioning is strictly regulated according to manufacturer standards.We are making full inspection of the equipment and the system as a whole according to requirements, from the start of the equipment and from the control of working operational parametersUpon termination of balancing and commissioning, there is drawing up containing the full report on parameters of the equipment and defining the guarantee period, from the date of commissioning "The commissioning statement", which we will send to the plant after finishing the process  

Specialists of LLC AIS TECNO GROUP - always are ready quickly and to carry out qualitatively balancing and commissioning on your equipment to provide a guarantee from manufacturer.

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«Нурулло Файз Савдо» ЧП (Наманган)
«Нурулло Файз Савдо» ЧП (Наманган)Оборудование ALTUNTOP

 Рады представить вашему вниманию наших довольных клиентов - это «Нурулло Файз Савдо» ЧП , который радует своих посетителей в городе Наманган.  

Здесь установлена оборудование ALTUNTOP - Печь ATDF150Hгаз, Тележки 2шт, противни гладкие, перворированные, для хот дога, для гамбургера, для багета, мукопросеиватель, спир.тестомес ATSM70, тестоделитель, тестоокруглитель, микроклимат, планетарный миксер, водоохладитель, дозатор для воды

Наши клиенты остались очень довольными.